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  • Featured Artist - Waite, John Waite, John Wooden Heart, Acoustic Anthology Vol. 2 | CD | GENRE: POP/ROCK
    UPC: 00724101787126 | ISBN: 9786317036086 | MSRP: $12.98 | AVAILABLE: 8/29/17

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    Two years ago we released Volume 1 of “Wooden Heart,” It was an EP. I had four songs I really wanted to record and we were playing more and more unplugged shows, so it was time. No one expected an acoustic release so it was an interesting move. The new CD is more extensive and includes some major hits, alongside some songs that are popular at Wooden Heart shows. There’s a Dylan song as well as Donavan's Try and Catch The Wind. The Babys’ “Isn't It Time” and “Missing You” really stand out and the band and I are looking forward to an extensive September/ October tour in support of the new “Wooden Heart” CD! - John Waite
  • Featured Artist - Waite, John Waite, John BEST | CD | GENRE: POP/ROCK
    UPC: 00724101787225 | ISBN: 9786317035966 | MSRP: $12.98 | AVAILABLE: 8/29/17

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    The concept behind the new “BEST” release is to bring together some of the BEST songs I've released over my time making music. It's been quite a ride from The Babys through the solo stuff to Bad English and back to being solo. It's interesting to see Isn't It Time, Change and Missing You all on the same release. It was a lot of fun putting it together and we look forward to taking it to the streets as we continue to tour! - John Waite.