Steve Martin, Steep Canyon Rangers

  • Ringo Starr Steve Martin, Steep Canyon RangersThe Long-Awaited Album| CD | GENRE: BLUEGRASS
    UPC: 00888072033085 | ISBN: 9786317043022 | MSRP: $15.98 AVAILABLE: 9/22/17

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    The Long-Awaited Album, Steve Martin’s brand new project with the North Carolina group the Steep Canyon Rangers, is full of stories that mix humor and melancholy, whimsy and realism, rich characters and evocative details. And lots of banjos. That instrument—so dexterously, even acrobatically picked and strummed—proves just as crucial to relating these tales as the lyrics themselves, each chord and riff revealing depths to Martin’s narrators and to his musical talent.

Ringo Starr & Cat Stevens

  • Ringo Starr Ringo StarrGive More Love| CD | GENRE: POP \ ROCK
    UPC: 00602557804164| ISBN: 9786317010987 | MSRP: $12.98 AVAILABLE: 9/15/17

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    Give More Love, Ringo’s 19th studio album features all new recordings with special guests Paul McCartney, Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Don Was, Richard Marx, Steve Lukather and more.
  • Cat Stevens Cat StevensThe Laughing Apple | CD | GENRE: FOLK
    UPC: 00602557708080| ISBN: 9786317034709 | MSRP: $13.98 AVAILABLE: 9/15/17

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    Produced with Paul Samwell-Smith, the original producer behind Yusuf's landmark recordings,The Laughing Apple follows the common '60s template of combining original songs with covers, though the covers on this album are Yusuf's own.
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